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A pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands enjoyed by both sexes. A pedicure can treat just the toes, just the toenails, or both.

A standard pedicure usually includes removal of thickened skin on the feet, filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish to the nails while also moisturizing the feet. Some speciality manicures, such as the French Pedicure, may also be offered.

Treatments for feet usually include soaking in a softening substance and application of moisturizing lotion. The word pedicure comes form the Latin words pes, which means foot, and cura, which means care. It also means the care of the feet and toenails. Various services for nails can be provided, such as the beautification of nails such as nail tip rounding, applying acrylics compounds and artificial nail gels. A pedicurist can also apply other treatments to the nails, such as filing, polishing, and painting. Fancier pedicures include painting pictures or designs on the nails or applying small decals or imitation jewels while also giving the feet a good skin treatment normally involving skin moisturizing.

In many areas, pedicurists are regulated and must be licensed to operate since there are inherent risks in the business. Since the skin is being manipulated and sometimes trimmed, and because there is a risk of infection when tools are used on multiple people, proper sanitation is critical. This is where we at try to educate people on the risks of pedicures and also what steps can be taken to minimize risks.

It began 5000 years ago. In India, henna was used for manicure which then extended to pedicures as a natural progression. The term mehendi, used synonymously for henna, derives from the Sanskrit mehandika. Much of the modern revival of henna derives from its popularity in India since ancient times.

A pedicurist prepares for a customer by ensuring that the working area and tools are properly sanitized and conveniently located next to the professional so he/she does not need to leave the client. Normally, to start things off, the pedicurist should also be  sanitizing the working surface, such as a table top, placing clean metal implements into a jar with sanitizing liquid, and having sanitized towels and new tools such as orange sticks and emery boards arranged neatly near the working area. Soaking liquids must never be reused, and all water used can be boiled or otherwise sanitized. These preparations prevent the possible spread of disease.

In some upper-class pedicure centres, the feet are sometimes dipped in melted paraffin or wax. The purpose of this is to impart heat to the feet for the purposes of relaxing the skin and making it better able to absorb lotion through the open pores, which is sometimes rubbed on the feet before submersion into the paraffin. The feet are usually dipped more than once to allow a thicker wax coat to form, making the coating stay warm for longer and less likely to break or tear apart before all the lotion is absorbed. After the hands have been dipped in the wax, they are wrapped in either plastic or tin foil, then covered with damn warm cloth to retain warmth.

Pedicure Articles 

The Pedicure - A Treat for Your Feet!

So often we take our feet for granted as they carry us around each and every day. We pamper our hair and faces but tend not to give our feet a second thought. Until the time arrives when we get a reminder in the form of aching feet or even more serious foot conditions. Taking care of our feet with regular pedicures will add more than a pep to your step; it will also keep some of those unhealthy foot conditions at bay.

Pretty and well cared for feet are more than a delight to the eye. A pedicure can be a wonderful form of pampering; it can lift your spirits and soothe your feet at the same time. Whether you choose a full spa pedicure or opt for an at-home treatment your feet will thank you for it!


Take Care of Your Feet. A Pedicure How

Tis the season and many of us, or I should say most of us are stressed. So take a little time out and give yourself a pedicure. Save money for those presents and don't spend tons at the nail salon, do it at home. If your not sure where to start I'll do a little how to guide.

1. Get all the tools together that you will need. Here's the list:

Nail Polish remover

Basin filled with warm water to soak your feet

Epsom salt or buy a special product such as my favorite which is a peppermint foot soak.


Beautiful Feet - Tips to Confidently Stepping Out in the Sun

So when the sun starts to shine and the air is warming up and the shoe stores are swapping boots for strapy sandals in the display windows, the panic starts. Thankfully we are told that it's never too late to start pampering our feet with a pedicure.

1) The best way to start is by removing any hard, calloused skin. Use a foot file on dry skin, before you have a bath or shower. ( if skin has been softened by water, you may remove too much skin) Concentrate on the heels and the balls of the foot.

2) Moisturise your feet daily with special foot cream. These have been designed to hydrate the drier, thicker skin of your feet and stop the heels from cracking.

3) Make sure you vary the height of your shoe heels as this will keep your calf muscles flexible. If walking is painful or you spend a lot of time on your feet, be sure to use padded insoles to cushion the balls of your feet.


A Look at Nail Salon Equipment

The type of equipment required for a nail salon is different than that of a salon that solely offers hair styling services. This equipment can be just as costly as outfitting a hair salon, depending on the style of the pieces and materials used in manufacturing nail salon equipment.

There are several pieces of specific equipment that will typically be utilized in a nail salon. A manicure table is the most common piece of nail salon equipment found in virtually all nail salons. A manicure table is similar to a common desk and it allows a nail technician an ample, steady surface area to perform work on a client’s nails. Basic manicure tables feature storage drawers, a padded hand rest for comfort, and swivel casters. Additional features of higher-end manicure tables include vents, built in electrical outlets, and polish racks.

We will go into pedicure equipment later on.


Get Your Feet Ready For Sandal Season!

While many women are worried about preparing their bodies for bathing suit season, I cannot help but focus all of my worries on preparing my feet for sandal season! This is not to say that I feel like I have a perfect body: nonetheless, I would almost rather see my bottom in a thong than one of my feet!

My feet have just never looked that great – I have cracked heels, odd calluses, bones that stick out on the top and sides of my feet, bruised toenails, and both my second and third toe are longer than my big toe! Needless to say: my feet are not pretty. Nonetheless, I love the feeling of the summer air on my feet, and I am going to wear sandals during the summer, no matter how many people I offend. The question is, how will I make my feet semi-presentable? Pedicures are the answer.


How Nail Treatment Products Work

Beautiful and healthy nails complete and highlight a elegant hand. Nail cosmetics (manicure, pedicure, or nail polish) is often influenced by current fashion trends, not by the healthy consideration. Chasing for cosmetic nail beauty is also part of the source of common nail problems - splitting, peeling, breaking fungal infections. The new development in nail care industry has introduced the nail care products that style your nails while promoting natural nail growth.

A professional nail enamel requires applying three layers of polish: 1) a base coat for good adhesion to the nail plate; 2) a pigmented nail application for cosmetic effects; and 3) a topcoat for preventing nail chipping and the nail polish color from fading.


3 Steps To Beautiful Stress Free Feet

Everyone is living a fast paced life these days. With all the stress and things to handle, do we always take the time out to care about our feet? More often than not, the answer to that questions is no. We are always on our feet, and yet we neglect to give them the care they need, which if given would reduce a little bit of their stress from our every day lives. This article lists 3 simple and fast ways for us to take the pedicure care for our feet to the next level, making them look better and feel better.



Nail Salon Hygiene

I recently came across a fairly disturbing study on nail salon hygiene conducted by Choice magazine.

In this study, a group of lucky nail salon shadow shoppers was asked to visit professional  manicure and pedicure salons and report on their hygiene levels. Over 50 nail salons were visited and, according to the study, more than a third of the salons visited were found to be unsatisfactory, with their main complaints being bad hygiene standards, poor customer service and shoddily done manicures and pedicures.



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